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We are as we are, full of thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions help us to have a rare yet fulfilling aspect known as ‘choice’. To be or not to be is within us, we are put in charge of what we have to be. Yet, are we really free to choose for ourselves, are we free to say this is WHO I AM?

We as a whole are trying to understand and answer this question of who we are. The question which defines us or rather we believe will help us to comprehend the things around us. Many claim to have understood it, and many claim to be in search of it. So, what defines us, what says this is who we are, and what leads us to make the choices that we do every day?

Greek philosopher Socrates said, “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” What we are trying to understand is a process, like in any process; it is on-going, it involves time, patience, environment and the choices that we make. Every day a new challenge is inevitable, it only adds to the existing ones that we are already dealing with. These challenges push us; or rather trouble us to make choices from which we derive the answer of who we are. How we react to the environment around us, a yes or a no to a situation or an event, the courage or fear to stand for what we believe in, the love or hate that we portray in all its true form, to whom we choose to be kind to and to whom we choose to be indifferent to, the choice of words that break us and the words that make us, all of this in its true form will help us to understand more about our own selves.

To be defined by strength means to be defined by the way we choose to fight our battles and make ourselves believe that giving up is not an option. It is holding our ground when everything seems to be falling apart. To be defined by strength is to be equally defined by our weaknesses as well. When we hold on to things that make us afraid, make us insecure of how we feel, make us stop from getting what we want, it is these that sometimes construct an idea of who we are, or rather make us believe who we are.

Is our own self ever constant? No. We are what we are required to be. We become what our circumstances ask us to be. When we find something that we need, we subconsciously try to be something which is not entirely different from whom we are but be something which is less often portrayed outside. The sociocultural factors along with its norms have made it their right to define the society, which in turn made us believe that it should define us as well. Our past roars louder than any norms put before us. The mistakes along with the consequences that we endured form our vision to create a story of who we are and what we need to be. The question of “to be?” or “not to be?” lies within this vision.

Perhaps, the repeated experiences whether good or bad may be the realm which can help us to understand who we are; or rather it is a dilemma which is never to be understood.

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About the Author:

Jebin Philip is a keen and curious counsellor who looks at the 'why' and 'how' of the things around him. He is deeply interested in psychoanalysis and its factors that define a person. His interests extend to drumming and dancing as well.


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